Anne Heche's son mourns mother: 'We have lost a bright light'

Anne Heche's child honored his mom Friday saying the family had lost "a sort and most upbeat soul, a caring mother, and a dependable companion."

In a proclamation Heche's 20-year-old child, Homer Laffoon, said: "My brother Atlas and I lost our mother

Following six days of practically unimaginable profound swings, I am left with a profound, silent trouble.

Ideally my mother is liberated from agony and starting to explore what I like to envision as her timeless opportunity.

Heche has not been taken off life support so have opportunity and willpower to decide whether she is a counterpart for organ donation, as per the delegate.

We have lost a splendid light, a sort and most blissful soul, a caring mother, and a devoted companion," the prior assertion from the family said.

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